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Open and engaging government. It is not just a saying for me, it is what I believe, it’s who I am and it is my approach in serving West Virginia. You will see that not only through this website, but also in the initiatives, services and assistance within the office and throughout fulfilling my duties as your Secretary of State.

I put forth every effort to make state government a help and not a hindrance to citizens, voters, businesses or other state agencies. The Secretary of State’s office is always looking for more efficient and cost saving ways to conduct the programs and services we offer the people of West Virginia.

We will use whatever resources are available to conduct effective business with constituents whether it is through online services, face to face interaction, mail, mobile texting, phone calls or social media methods.

I view an open and engaging government as being transparent where citizens can see what their elected officials and their agencies are doing and in turn give feedback and interact with government more easily.

Engaging is how I conduct myself and the office. I have a hands-on approach to public service. That’s why you will see my involvement with training conferences, solving tough problems that face this office and our state with members of the staff, conducting voter outreach discussions, speaking to students or organizations, or promoting events throughout the state. I’m always available and always engaged with citizens and enjoy answering the questions they have.

It is an honor for me to be West Virginia’s Secretary of State. I encourage you to join me in being more involved in state government and we can move West Virginia forward together!