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 West Virginia's Five Electoral Votes Cast For Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan


    Charleston, W.Va. – West Virginia’s five electoral votes were officially cast for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan today in a ceremony at the State Capitol.
    Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant, the state’s chief elections officer, will now send the Certificates of Vote to the Clerk of the United States Senate. The electoral votes will be counted in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2013.
    The state’s five electors were Betty Ireland, former West Virginia Secretary of State; John McCuskey, former Justice of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals; Sarah Minear, former State Senator from Tucker County; David “Mick” Staton, a former Congressman from Berkeley County; and David Tyson, a former State Republican Party Chairman.
    West Virginia has five electoral votes, which is based on the state’s number of Senators and Representatives. The most electoral votes West Virginia has ever had was eight, from 1912 to 1964. The 2012 General Election was the 38th election in which West Virginia cast its Electoral College votes, the first being in 1864 when Abraham Lincoln won the new state’s five votes. The state’s Electoral College votes have been won by the Republican presidential candidate 18 times and by the Democratic presidential candidate 20 times.
    A live webcast of the ceremony was watched live by hundreds of students across the state as part of their social studies and civics education classes.
    “It is important to show that the power of our democracy and our republic is in its people,” Secretary Tennant said. “We hear terms like ‘electoral college’ and we don’t think that there are actually real people who sit down and cast their ballot for President and Vice President. These five people represent the way the majority of the voters cast their ballots and in essence represent West Virginia."


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