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 Tennant Files New Elections Rules

    Charleston, W.Va. - Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant has filed the rules for Early Voting in Person Satellite Precincts and Vote by Mail Pilot Project Phase One and Phase Two. 
    In the Satellite Precinct Rules, the changes to the proposed rule include clarification of how poll workers are chosen for a satellite precinct and how long a satellite plan is in place for an election cycle, adding public notice requirements, and removing a restriction to keep the satellite precinct open for the entire early voting period. 
    “The office took to heart the six public comments that were submitted and researched, debated and sought additional input from lawmakers and election officials to provide a plan that better serves the counties and in turn the voters.” 
    “The decision to allow the satellite precincts to be at a location for a shorter amount of time came after further discussions with key lawmakers about the intent of the law,” Tennant said. 
    The change in the rule allows greater flexibility to counties while still giving legislators the opportunity to receive additional input from constituents. 
    The Secretary of State’s Office submitted more permissive language in the rule to allow a practical approach for counties to serve the needs of their voters. 
    While there were more comments made about the Vote by Mail Pilot Project, with eleven, there were few changes to the proposed rules. Most of the comments were positive and the changes were technical in nature. 
    These rules were filed with the Administrative Law Division of the Secretary of State’s Office along with nearly 115 other State Agency approved rules. They will then be sent to the Legislative Rule Making Review Committee to be introduced for review and approval in the 2010 Legislative Session. 
    These election rules are part of Secretary Tennant’s vision for making elections easier and more accessible to voters while allowing counties and cities more flexibility, cost saving measures and responsiveness to citizens in conducting elections.


Jake Glance