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 Libertarian Party Gains Ballot Access; Becomes Fourth Official Political Party In West Virginia


    Charleston, W.Va. – West Virginia Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant announced today that the Libertarian Party has gained ballot access for 2014 and 2016, based on David Moran’s performance in the gubernatorial race.
    Before the canvassing of the results, Moran had garnered about 1.3 percent of the vote. To gain ballot access in West Virginia, a party’s candidate must receive one percent of the total ballots cast in the race for governor. 

    Ballot access means for any election other than municipal elections a Libertarian candidate will not have to collect signatures in order to be placed on the general election ballot. The Libertarian Party will be able to choose their candidates either in a primary election or by party convention. 

    Becoming an official political party also means a person cannot run as a primary candidate if they were registered as a member of one of the other official political parties within 60 days of filing to run. People registered with no party affiliation, independent, or any other registration other than the official four parties are not subject to that law.

    “This shows how the election process is fair and allows equal access to the ballot.” Secretary Tennant said. “This administration has been about maintaining a process that is of the highest integrity.”
    While the results of the 2012 General Election must still be canvassed, it is unlikely Moran will drop below the one percent threshold. More than 8,000 people voted for Moran even though there were just 1,448 people in West Virginia registered with the Libertarian Party. Canvassing of the general election will begin November 13.
    In order to maintain ballot access, the Libertarian Party will have to get at least 1 percent of the total ballots cast in the 2016 governor’s race.
    The Libertarian Party joins the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, and the Mountain Party as an official political party in West Virginia.


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