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 “BIG” Announcement! Secretary Tennant Unveils Online Database Tracking Business and Industry Growth


    PRINCETON, W.Va. – Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant said today that the Business Industry Growth (BIG) Map is the easiest to use and most complete online tool available to track the development of business in West Virginia.
    Joined by members of the Princeton-Mercer County Chamber of Commerce and county and city leaders, Secretary Tennant unveiled the BIG Map today in Princeton.
    The BIG Map is available on the Secretary of State’s website, and compiles business filing and formation data in an easy to use and understand format. Using the BIG Map information such as how many businesses have been formed and a business’s purpose can be accessed.
    For example, a user can see how many businesses have formed in Kanawha County and compare that number with Berkeley County. A user can also group any number of counties together: Business formations in Marion, Monongalia, and Harrison can be compared to business formations in Raleigh, Mercer, Summers, and Greenbrier.
    Users will also be able to search by business purpose such as “Coal Mining,” “Software Publishers,” “Sporting Goods,” or “Grocery Stores” and see how many have registered in a particular county or city and their growth or decline. This will allow a prospective entrepreneur to research a particular region to decide where to open their business.
    All of the data can be broken down by county and by city, allowing the comparison of parts of a county or regions of the state.
    “We have been on the front lines with businesses since 2009, helping entrepreneurs file important documents with the Secretary of State’s Office and even lowering late filing fees,” Secretary Tennant said. “We have so much data on the growth of business in West Virginia, and the BIG Map takes all of that data and puts it in one place where people can go and see how the economy is faring across the state or down the street. We want business to succeed in West Virginia, and this is the newest and best tool help them do that.”
    The BIG Map also includes data such as how many new businesses have filed with the Secretary of State’s Office, how many have been closed down, and the total number of businesses filed.
    The BIG Map is the latest online service offered to business owners designed to help them focus more on their product and not paperwork. Since 2009, online filing of annual reports has increased from about 14,000 to more than 60,000 in 2013. The Secretary of State’s Office also offers an interactive online chat that connects a business owner directly to a Business and Licensing Specialist. A business owner can also sign up for business identity theft email alerts that notify them when an unauthorized person tries to access their information on the Secretary of State’s website.


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