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 Governor Signs Tennant E-Filing of Rules Bill Into Law


    Charleston, W.Va. – Governor Joe Manchin signed into law today a cost saving bill that requires state agencies with rule making authority to file their rules electronically.
    House Bill 2567 is expected to save the Secretary of State’s office and state agencies more than $100,000 a year in paper and work hours. The e-filing will begin as a pilot program with several state agencies and eventually require all state agencies to e-file by July 1, 2011.
    State agencies file their rules with the Secretary of State’s Administrative Law Division. The introduction of rules or rules changes can range from several dozen pages to more than a thousand. In 2008, the largest rule filed with the Secretary of State’s office was 2,278 pages including comments. The shortest was less than a dozen pages. 
    After rules are filed, several copies have to be made, resulting in considerable costs to the Secretary of State’s office, state agencies, and taxpayers.
    “This is a really easy way to save a lot of money,” Tennant said. “It goes back to my campaign pledge: using technology to make state government more efficient and more cost-effective. And these are savings that are going to repeat year after year. So the taxpayers will not see their hard earned money going to pay for literally thousands of pages of copies when it’s not necessary.”
    Tennant was joined by State Senator Dan Foster (D-Kanawha), Deputy Secretary of State Cedric Greene, Administrative Law Division Manager Judy Cooper, and Assistant Manager Maureen Lewis during the bill signing at the State Capitol.


Jake Glance