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 Become a Pollworker

How To Become A Poll Worker

Poll workers play an essential role in the election process – they ensure that we uphold democracy by conducting clean and fair elections. Serving as a poll worker is an opportunity to put your patriotism into action and to serve your community in an important position of trust. If you are registered to vote in your county, you may be eligible to become a poll worker. We invite you to join the team!

Political Activities Prohibited and Permitted - WV Division of Personnel: policy on state employees serving as poll workers.

House Concurrent Resolution 56: Encouraging Employers to Give Employees Time Off with Pay to Serve as Poll Workers. 

Who Should I Contact?
To become a poll worker contact either your County Clerk or party executive committee.
Will I Get Paid And How Much?
The county commission of each county will decide how much poll workers will be paid for both attending training and for working on election day.

Poll worker training: no more than $125 (as long as you are available to work Election Day)
Election Day: no more than $175
Can I Take A Break Or Leave During The Day?
All of the poll workers  must be present at the polling place to process voters. When a poll worker needs a break during the day, the polling place must be temporarily shut down. This does not mean that you will never be able to take a break, but it does mean that breaks are kept to a minimum.
What Time Will My Day Begin And End?
Poll workers must arrive by 5:30 a.m. on election day. The polls close at 7:30 p.m.; however, you will have poll duties after they close.
How Much Training Will I Need?
You will be required to take one training class before the election. The training class will inform you of your duties on election day.
When And Where Will Training Take Place?
The County Clerk will conduct sessions to train you and the other poll workers. These sessions will be scheduled not more than thirty days and not less than seven days before the election. The County Clerk is responsible for notifying the poll workers of the exact date, time and place of the training sessions.
Training Materials
If you would like to learn about the responsibilities of being a poll worker, you may check out the materials offered on the websites below. Visit our Voting Systems page to find which method of voting your county uses.