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 Election Related Contacts

West Virginia elections information and assistance may come from many sources.  Use this listing to help identify the best resource for your purpose, and follow the links to detailed contact information.

Secretary of State

  • West Virginia election laws and general information
  • Candidate filing and ballot certification for candidates in multi-county districts
  • Campaign finance reports for political action committees and candidates for statewide office, state legislative office, and multi-county circuit and family court
  • Election law violations.  If you wish to file an election related complaint with our office, go to our Election Complaint Procedures.

Federal Election Commission

  • Federal campaign finance rules
  • Enforcement of violations of federal campaign activities
  • Campaign finance reports for federal candidates and federal political action committees

West Virginia State Election Commission

  • Advisory role for election policy and rules
  • Campaign finance rules
  • Enforcement of violations of corporations campaign activities
  • Approval of voting systems
  • Elections publications

Political Parties
Political Party Contact Information


  • Appointments to fill ballot vacancies
  • Nominations of election officials
  • Party rules and activities
  • Executive committee rules & operations
  • National convention plans

Clerks of the County Commission
County Clerk Directory
County Clerk Directory - Map

  • Voter registration
  • Absentee voting (Circuit Clerk in some counties)
  • Campaign finance reports for candidates on the ballot in only one county, except state legislative candidates
  • Election official training
  • Election day preparation and operation
  • Candidate filing for candidates on the ballot only in the county
  • Ballot certification and printing
  • Absentee voting in some counties

Election Assistance Commission

  • Help America Vote Act (HAVA)
  • National Voter Registration Act of 1993
  • Voting Systems (Testing and Certification)
  • Overseas and Military Voter Information
  • Election Management Resources