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 Voter Turnout Overview

This is a list of historical voter turnout rates for each election cycle, including data for early voting, total turnout, popoluation totals, and calculated percentages. Use the following definitions to better understand what each category represents:
  • Date - The exact date of the election
  • Election - The year and the type of election (Primary, General, Special)
  • Reg (Registered Voters) - The number of officially registered voters at the time of the given election
  • Turnout - The number of people that voted
  • T% (Turnout Percentage) - The percentage of individuals that turned out to vote as a function of the total number of registered voters
  • Early (Early Voter Turnout) - The number of turnout voters that voted early
  • E% (Early Voter Turnout Percentage) - The number of early voters as a function of the total turnout
  • Pop (Population) - The total population count for the state at the time of the election
  • Age (Voting Age Population) - The total number of individuals that had reached the voting age at the time of the election
  • A% (Voting Age Population Percentage) - The total voter turnout number as a function of the voting age population
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