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 Early In-Person & Absentee By-Mail Voting Totals

Utilize the interactive map below to find out more about early-absentee voting numbers for the 2012 General election in West Virginia. Voter registration numbers are broken down by party: Democrat, Republican, Mountain, No Party, and Other. "No Party" refers to individuals who specifically do NOT affiliate themselves with any particular party and are sometimes commonly referred to as “Independents”. "Other" encapsulates all other voters that do not belong to one of the four major groups listed above.

By rolling your mouse over a county, you can see a breakdown of that county’s individual early-absentee voting numbers by party. By clicking on a county you can bring up a visual chart breakdown of early-absentee voting numbers for that county. Additionally, a pie chart of statewide early-absentee voting numbers for the specific date selected is continually visible on the page. To select other early-absentee voting numbers for a previous day, use the dropdown menu to select a date, and map/charts will update to represent data from your chosen time frame.

To export West Virginia Early-Absentee Voting data, click on the "X" icon on the map to open a Google spreadsheet document.