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 Webcast with Secretary Tennant

A new and exciting opportunity is only a click away.  Secretary Tennant is the first and only Constitutional Officer in the state of West Virginia to webcast directly with students from the state capitol.  Utilizing Skype™
(a free video-conference program), Secretary Tennant can give your students the opportunity to ask questions directly to a statewide official.  The only equipment necessary would be a computer/laptop with Skype™, a webcam, and speakers.  The great thing about this program is that it takes very little planning time, no travel, and is 100% free.  Please try to join as many classes together(example: ask other teachers in your grade/school if they would like to join in the webcast) as possible, so that more students have an opportunity to enjoy the program.  To request a webcast with Secretary Tennant please click here, include webcast in the comments section.