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 Candidates & Committees

Candidate Forms

Download candidate filing forms, including the forms necessary for no party/minor party candidates and write-in candidates.

Executive Committee Forms

Download forms for executive committees to fill vacancies in their committees as well as forms for filling vacancies in political offices.

Filing Pre-candidacy

Learn how to start your campaign for office and view the list of other candidates who have filed.

Recognized Political Parties in WV

Recognized political parties may nominate candidates for the General Election in the Primary Election or by convention. View contact information for the four recognized political parties in West Virginia.

Write-in Candidate Information

Individuals may seek election to an office through write-in votes. You must file as a write-in candidate for your votes to count when people fill in your name for office. Learn how to run as a write-in candidate.

Tips for Starting Your Campaign

Learn basic tips for starting your campaign and handling campaign finances.

DOH Rules for the Placement of Political Signs

Learn where you should avoid posting political signs.