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 Independent Expenditures


What is an independent expenditure?

An expenditure by a person expressly advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate; and that is not made in concert or cooperation with or at the request of such candidate, his or her agents, the candidate's authorized political committee or a political party committee or its agents. Supporting or opposing the election of a clearly identified candidate includes supporting or opposing the candidates of a political party. An expenditure which does not meet the criteria for an independent expenditure is considered a contribution.


Reporting Schedule

Type of Expenditure

When to Report

$1,000 Aggregate Anytime Expenditure

Once the $1,000 benchmark has been met

$1,000 for multi-county or statewide office within 15 days and 12 hours of an election

Within 24 hours of the expenditure

$500 for single county offices within 15 days and 12 hours of an election

Within 24 hours of the expenditure

$10,000 Anytime Expenditure

Within 48 hours of the expenditure


Disclaimer Requirements

Any communication paid for by an independent expenditure must include a clear and conspicuous public notice that:

  • Clearly states that the communication is not authorized by the candidate or the candidate's committee; and
  • Clearly identifies the person making the expenditure: Provided, that if the communication appears on or is disseminated by broadcast, cable or satellite transmission, the statement required by this submission must be both spoken clearly and appear in clearly readable writing at the end of the communication.

Retention Requirements

  • All persons supporting, aiding or opposing the nomination, election or defeat of any candidate shall keep for a period of 6 months records of receipts and expenditures which are made for political purposes.
  • Any person who has spent a total of $5,000 or more for the direct costs of purchasing, producing or disseminating electioneering communications during any calendar year shall maintain all financial records and receipts related to such expenditure for a period of six months following the filing of a disclosure.