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 Campaign Finance Reporting System (CFRS) Bulk Upload

A feature has been Added  to the Campaign Finance Reporting System (CFRS) to allow the upload of text data to the following files:

  • Fundraisers
  • Contributions
  • Expenditures
Instructions and sample files are provided below for your reference.  In order for the upload to function properly, Fundraisers must be uploaded first, followed by Contributions & Expenditures.



Sample Files

Problem Solving Tips for CFRS Bulk Upload

  • Fundraisers must be uploaded first.
  • The file that is to be uploaded cannot have a header row.
  • Make sure the file format matches the format that is on the SOS website. Having too many or too few columns will not allow the file to be processed.
  • Make sure there are no blank records at the bottom of the file.
  • Microsoft Excel, cannot use double quotes (“”).
  • When saving, if you are using a campaign software application,export data in .txt format. 
  • If using Excel, the file type to create is CSV (Comma delimited). Please note, when saving a CSV file, the file will have a .csv file extension. This will need to be changed to .txt.
  • Make certain the file name matches the name format that is on the SOS website.
  • Once the files are uploaded, log on to the CFRS On-Line system.  Verify your totals and select the "SUBMIT" tab.  You MUST select the "SUBMIT Report" button on this page in order to have the report filed.

Exporting Data from Microsoft Excel How to


If you need further instructions, please contact Elections at Elections@wvsos.com or call 304-558-6000 or toll-free at 866-767-8683.

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