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 Campaign Finance Reporting System

What is the Online Campaign Finance Reporting System (CFRS)?

  • The Campaign Finance Reporting System (CFRS) was designed to allow candidates and committees to file their financial reports in a more efficient and accessible online method.
  • The CFRS is distinctively different than the online fillable PDF's forms that your find in the Forms section of our website
    • While the information is essentially the same as the fillable PDF's, the CFRS actually requires you to have login credentials much like accessing your email. 
    Go to the Campaign Finance Reporting System Login Page

Who Can Access the CFRS?

  • Candidates for the following offices are required to use the CFRS to file their financial reports
    • Governor
    • Secretary of State
    • Attorney General
    • Auditor
    • Treasurer
    • Commissioner of Agriculture
    • Supreme Court of Appeals
  • The following groups have the option to either utilize the CFRS or turn in paper financial reports
    • WV State Senator Candidates
    • WV House of Delegates Candidates
    • Political Action Committees
  • The following groups cannot currently gain access to the online system (Although eventually the system will be extended to include all financial filings)
    • All county-wide offices including non-partisan positions
    • All municipal offices
  • Federal PAC's do not submit their financial reports to the state of West Virginia, instead they are responsible for filing with the Federal Election Commission

What are the Benefits of Using the CFRS?

  • Enter your contributions and expenditures as you go
    • Your information automatically saves!
  • Your information is validated by system checks that prevent you from entering in wrong information in fields
  • All the math is done for you, so there are no human calculation errors
  • The end result is a neatly formatted, easy-to-read, and concise financial statement instead of handwritten documents that sometimes lack clarity
  • Instantly submit your financial report through only a click-of-the-mouse
  • You can instantly amend your reports should you make a mistake
  • Less paperwork and instant access means more efficient government
    • It is also more environmentally sustainable

How Do I Get Access?

  • If you are one of the eligible candidates or committees listed above, then fill out one of the following authorization forms. 
  • After you have filled out the PDF, print it, and then sign the document (You can also sign using an electronic signature if you wish).
  • Return the form to the West Virginia Secretary of State's Office by:
    • Mail
      WV Secretary of State
      Attn: Elections Division
      Bldg 1., Suite 157-K
      1900 Kanawha Blvd. E.
      Charleston, WV 25305-0770
    • Scan and Email
      Email: elections@wvsos.com
    • Fax
      Attn: Elections Division
      Fax Number: 304-558-0900
  • We will then promptly assign you a username and password, which will be sent to the email address that you listed on the authorization form
    • Please make note of your username and password
    • Should you lose your username then please contact our office and we will resend your login credentials
    • Should you lose your password use: 
      Forgot your CFRS Password?
  • Note: You will need a new Username and Password for every election cycle
    • For example if you are running for the WV House of Delegates every two years, then you will have a new CFRS account every two year
Download the CFRS Online Authorization form for Candidates

Download the CFRS Online Authorization form for PAC's

Need Some Help?

  • If you have questions regarding the bulk-upload function then please see our instruction set:
    Bulk Upload Instructions
  • If you are unsure of how to utilize our online system, then please call us at 304-558-6000 and ask to speak with a Campaign Finance Specialist in the Elections Division.  We will be able to answer your questions, resolve any issues you may have, and help you navigate the online reporting system.
  • Use the following link to find out more about contributions, expenditures, and loans at: 
    Campaign Finance Instructions: Contributions, Expenditures, and Loans