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 Verification Process

Voter Registration Process

Voter Registration Verification

WV Code § 3-2-16

The county clerk must mail a verification notice when one the following conditions apply to a voter:

  • Voter does not present a current and valid driver's license or state-issued identification card when he or she registers; and voter is not registered in another county or is registered in another county but has been "Active" less than one year.
  • Voter registers to vote by mail.

The county clerk should create a voter record, enter the voter's information as it appears on the voter registration card, and make the voter's status "Pending."

Verification Notice:

  • Sent by first-class nonforwardable mail
  • Mailed to the applicant's residence address and mailing address
  • States the purpose of the procedure, that no further action is required of the applicant, and that a notice of disposition will be mailed after the ten day return period has expired

Verification notice follow-up procedures:

Notice is not returned within 10 days


Change the voter's status to "Active" and mail disposition

Notice is returned as undeliverable within 10 days

ð Change the voter's status to "Rejected"
Notice is returned undeliverable after 10 days ð

Add voter to the list of voters to be mailed a confirmation notice as set by WV Code §3-2-26