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 List Maintenance

Voter List Maintenance Overview

Removal of Voter's Name

Immediate Removal:

  • Deceased voter (after proper notification, see WV Code §3-2-23)
  • Voter convicted of felony  or adjudicated mentally incompetent (court record)
  • Voter has registered in another county or state (notification from election official in new location or automatic transfer in SVRS)
  • Voter personally requests in writing that his/her name be removed

Following the
National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) List Maintenance Process: (3-4 year process)

Step 1) Voter’s address eligibility is brought into question by one of the following occurances:
  • Returned mailing—such as a new precinct notification (undeliverable)
  • Conflict with an official data match
  • Match of voter registration records against the United States Postal Service (USPS) National Change of Address System (NCOA) –biennial match
  • OR, in the year following a presidential election, records indicate the voter has not cast a ballot in four years
    Step 2) Voter is identified by the County Clerk as an individual to be included in the next mailing of Confirmation Notices or is automatically identified by data matching process

Step 3) A Confirmation Notice is mailed to each voter on the list (NO voter may be made inactive until this step is

Step 4) If the voter fails to respond to the notice or the notice is returned as undeliverable, the voter is assigned an “Inactive” status in the statewide voter registration database

Step 5) If the voter:

  • Changes his or her address in writing;
  • Confirms his or her current address in writing;
  • Casts a vote in an election after affirming his or her address at the polls; or
  • Is otherwise removed from the voter rolls by one of the actions listed at the top of this page

Then, the “Inactive” status is removed from the voter’s record. The voter is now “active” or “canceled,” as appropriate.

Step 6) If none of the circumstances outlined in Step 5 occur during the course of two federal general elections, the “inactive” voter is changed to a “canceled” status.

Once removed from the rolls, a voter must reapply for voter registration in order to qualify to vote.