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 Poll Worker Videos and Manuals



You can play poll worker training videos from your browser by clicking the link for your voting system above, or you can download the video to your computer. 

To download and save the videos click the link for your voting system below and click the download button. Remember, these videos are large files that may take several minutes to download, so please be patient.

    Automark, M100, and Optical Scan


    Optical Scan and iVotronic

    Paper Ballots and iVotronic

    Paper Ballots

    Write-In Instructional Video

Poll Worker Recruitment 

  • Administering an election takes the cooperation of state and county officials, vendors and, most importantly, POLL WORKERS. Poll workers are responsible for opening and closing the polling place, checking in voters and helping voters with any issues that come up on election day. Each precinct needs at least 5 individuals to work the entire election day. Poll worker is a paid position and the amount ranges between $100 and $300 depending on the county.
  • Individuals may contact the County Clerk or political party executive committee if they are interested in becoming a poll worker.  County executive committees have until the 70th day before an election to nominate poll workers. 

Training Materials 

  • In order to ensure compliance with state and federal election requirements, the Secretary of State's Office provides a number of training opportunities for local election officials.
  • Any new training or programs that are offered by our office will be placed on this site. This will allow you to have easier access to the documents, manuals and reference guides you will need to adequately train your staff on preparation for voter registration processes and election procedures.

Poll Worker Procedures

The following documents explain procedures that should be followed by poll workers while administering elections.  These procedures have been categorized into the 5 possible combinations of voting systems utilized by West Virginia counties.