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 Changes in Your License

It is very important to keep your licensing information up to date. If you fail to report a new employee or register a trade name, a complaint against you could result in official action.


Notify the Secretary of State by letter if your legal name changes by marriage or otherwise.

If you change the business name under which you operate or add a trade name, business filings are required. It is illegal to operate under a trade name which is not registered.

  • A sole proprietorship or general partnership must register the name change or new trade name with the State Tax Department.
  • A corporation, LLC, LP, LLP or voluntary association must file and amendment to change the business name, and must register a new trade name.

Take care of the business filings first, then report the change to the Secretary of State's licensing division.

Contact Information

Notify the Secretary of State by letter if your contact address or telephone number changes. Also, if your firm opens additional offices in the state, report those new locations.

Firm Employees

Report all new investigative or guard employees to the Secretary of State by letter or file the standard form. Report all persons leaving the firm for your own protection.