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 Applying for Combined Individual and Firm License for Private Investigations

If the qualifying agent for a firm desires to have both the individual private investigator license and the firm license, the two processes can be done at the same time.  Remember, it is not required unless the qualifying agent will be conducting private investigation business separate from the licensed firm.  Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the application steps set out in "Applying for a Private Investigative Firm License."  All of the required documentation for the qualifying agent is the same as for an individual license.  See Step #3 below for the correct fees.
  2. Specify in a cover letter that you are applying for an individual license for the qualifying agent in addition to the firm license.
  3. Pay the appropriate fees calculated from the information below.  Choose the license amount for each license from the appropriate category.  For example, if the firm is a West Virginia company but the individual applicant is a resident of another state, you will pay the in-state firm fee and the out-of-state individual fee.

Enter the firm application fee:
Company organized in West Virginia  $200
Company organized in another state   $500                                  +____________
Add the individual application fee for the qualifying agent:
Resident of WV             $100
Non-Resident                $500                                                     +____________
Add one non-refundable application processing fee                      +           $50.00
Calculate the total fees to accompany the application                    =____________