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 Miscellaneous Business Filings

At some point during the existence of a company changes will occur. Some of those changes will require a filing with the Office of Secretary of State. In most cases, this office provides forms that meet minimum state law requirements. These forms are available on the index of Forms for Business and Licensing.

Business Closing

When a company formed or qualified in the Secretary of State's Office decides to cease doing business a filing is required to be submitted. Failure to file the required application can result in an administrative dissolution or revocation of your company and continued tax assessments.

Corporations, business trusts, and voluntary associations must file a dissolution or withdrawal application with this office. The Secretary of State will then request a release from other state agencies. The dissolution or withdrawal is not complete until all releases have been received.

Limited liability companies and limited partnerships must file a termination or cancellation application with this office. A release from other state agencies is not requested.


When a company changes its structure, purpose or name, an amendment must be filed. A form is provided that meets the minimum state law requirements for domestic entities wishing to make these changes. Foreign entities are required to provide a certified copy of the filing that was approved by the domestic state.

When the address, officers or agent of a company change, those changes must be recorded with the Secretary of State's Office using form AAO. Keeping this information updated allows the company to receive the necessary correspondence for filing and licensing requirements with this office and other state agencies.


When two or more entities combine, a merger or conversion document must be filed. Conversion forms are available from the Secretary of State. Merger documents must be prepared by the company or a representative of the company, such as an attorney. See the West Virginia Code for specific merger requirements for each company type.

Trade Names

When an entity desires to use a business name other that the name under which the company was formed, an application for Trade Name must be filed with the Secretary of State's Office. This is commonly referred to as an 'assumed name' or a dba (doing business as) name. This office provides forms that meet minimum state law requirements. Forms are also available for the withdrawal of a trade name.