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 Forms for Business and Licensing

ONLINE FILING  Electronic filing services are now available at www.business4wv.com for the following registrations:

  • New Business Registration
  • File Annual Reports
  • Trade Name (DBA) Registration
  • Trade Name (DBA) Withdrawal
  • Agent/Address/Officer Change
  • LLC/PLLC Termination/Cancellation
  • Limited Partnership (LP) Cancellation

CLICK HERE for Step-by-Step instructions on how to register online at www.business4wv.com.  

If you have any questions relating to the online registration process please contact a team member in the Business and Licensing Division at 304-558-8000 or via email at

Young Entrepreneurs Act Waiver

The Young Entrepreneur Reinvestment Act (House Bill 2897), effective July 1, 2016 (West Virginia Code §59-1-2c), was passed and provides that any incorporator of an incorporation, member of a limited liability company, or partner of a partnership who is a West Virginia resident and is under thirty (30) years of age may have their initial filing fee waived by the Office of Secretary of State, if formed between July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2018. To take advantage of the fee waiver you must complete the Young Entrepreneurs Act Filing Fee Waiver Request (Form YEA) and attach it to one of the following appropriate Secretary of State business registration applications: Articles of Incorporation (Form CD-1), Articles of Incorporation with Non-Profit IRS Attachment (Form CD-1NP) or  Articles of Organization of Limited Liability Company (form LLD-1). Please note, the online registration process at www.business4wv.com is not currently configured to grant the fee waiver when completing an online business registration. To receive the waiver you must file the paper application and attach the waiver request form to your application. There is no fee to file the waiver request.

Forms:  To file by mail or fax, choose a company type to find links to all the official forms used for that type.  Forms are not available for all functions for all company types.  When no form is available, use the requirements of the WV Code to prepare the filing.  You may print your order request for a copy of the West Virginia Laws for Business and Licensing Code Book here. Please note:  If you experience trouble printing the full text of any of these forms, make sure you check "comments" on the print queue.

Multiple Company Types | Domestic Corporation | Foreign Corporation
Limited Liability Company | Limited Partnership | Limited Liability Partnership
Voluntary Association | Business Trust | Unincorporated Non-Profit Association 

Multiple Company Types

NR-1 Name Reservation (Domestic and Foreign entities)
NR-2 Name Registration (Foreign entities ONLY)
NR-3 Trade Name (DBA) Registration / File Online here
NR-4 Trade Name (DBA) Withdrawal / File Online here
AAO Agent, Officer, Address Change / File Online here
IA-1 Insurance Annual Attorney-In-Fact Filing / File Online here
TM-1 Trademark & Service Mark Application
RRA-1 Statement of Resignation of a Registered Agent
CO-LP-RE Corporation, Limited Liability Partnership, Voluntary Association, Business Trust Reinstatement
EMB-1 Registration of Emblems, Etc.
BD-BUS Request for Purchase of Business Bulk Data
BD-UCC  Request for Purchase of UCC Bulk Data
SMD-1 Scrap Metal Dealer Registration
DC-1 Statement of Agent of Process for Debt Collector
YEA Young Entrepreneurs Act Filing Fee Waiver Request (effective 7/01/2016)

Corporation -- Domestic

CD-1 Articles of Incorporation / File Online here
CD-1NP Articles of Incorporation With Nonprofit IRS Attachment / File Online here
CD-2 Amendment to Articles
CD-3 Nonprofit 501c3 Amendment
CD-6 Articles of Dissolution
CD-7 Dissolution for Corporation Never Commencing Business
CD-8 Revocation of Dissolution
CD-10 Articles of Conversion of domestic corporation to domestic LLC
CAD-1 Articles of Incorporation for a Cooperative Association / File Online here
CAD-1NP Articles of Incorporation for a Cooperative Association With Nonprofit IRS Attachment / File Online here

Corporation -- Domestic & Foreign

CD-F-1 Statement of Correction

Corporation -- Foreign

CF-1 Application for Certificate of Authority / File Online here
CF-2 Application for Exemption from Certificate of Authority
CF-4 Amendment to Certificate of Authority
CF-5 Withdrawal
CF-8 Revocation of Withdrawal
CAF-1 Application for Certificate of Authority of a Cooperative Association / File Online here

Limited Liability Company

LLD-1 Articles of Organization -- Domestic / File Online here
LLD-2 Amendment to Articles of Organization
LLD-9 Articles of Termination -- Domestic / File Online here
LLD-10 LLC Reinstatement
LLF-1 Application for Certificate of Authority -- Foreign / File Online here
LLF-2 Application for Exemption from Certificate of Authority
LLF-4 Amendment to Certificate of Authority
LLF-9 Certificate of Cancellation -- Foreign / File Online here
LLD-F-1 Articles of Correction -- Domestic and Foreign
LLD-F-2 Statement of Dissociation -- Domestic and Foreign
LLD-F-3 Statement of Conversion -- Domestic and Foreign

Limited Partnership

LP-1 Certificate of Limited Partnership - Domestic / File Online here
LP-2 Statement of Limited Partnership - Foreign / File Online here
LP-3 Amendment to Limited Partnership
LP-4 Cancellation of Limited Partnership / File Online here

Limited Liability Partnership

LLP-1 Statement of Limited Liability Partnership - Domestic and Foreign
LLP-3 Limited Liability Partnership Annual Notice
LLP-4 Cancellation of a Limited Liability Partnership

Voluntary Association

VA-1 Statement of Organization / File Online here
VA-2 Amendment to Voluntary Association - Domestic & Foreign
VA-3 Dissolution of Voluntary Association - Domestic
VA-4 Withdrawal of Voluntary Association - Foreign

Credit Service Organization

CSO Credit Service Organization / File Online here
CSO-2 Credit Service Organization Surety Bond
CSO-3 Disclosure of Buyers Rights Without Surety
CSO-4 Disclosure of Buyers Rights With Surety

Business Trust

BT-1 Application for Business Trust - Domestic & Foreign / File Online here
BT-2 Amendment to Business Trust - Domestic & Foreign
BT-3 Dissolution of Business Trust - Domestic
BT-4 Withdrawal of Business Trust - Foreign

Unincorporated Non-Profit Association

UNA-1 Statement of Agent of Process for Unincorporated Non-Profit Association