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 Emergency Rules

Access emergency rules which are not yet part of the Code of State Rules from this page.  See About Proposed and Emergency Rules for information about what is posted here.

The emergency rules listed below are posted online for viewing and printing using the Acrobat Reader.  For information about how to download and use the free reader, see Acrobat Reader Help.  The rules are listed in reverse chronological order by filing date so the most recently filed rule will be at the top.


Title/Series 148-1
Agency Administration
Rule Name Purchasing Division
Filed July 23, 2015
Effective July 31, 2015
Title/Series 61-23D
Agency Agriculture
Rule Name Inspection of Nontraditional, Domesticated Animals
Filed June 10, 2015
Effective July 22, 2015
Title/Series 61-34
Agency Agriculture
Rule Name Captive Cervid Farming
Filed April 28, 2015
Effective May 12, 2015
Title/Series 63-2
Agency Conservation Committee
Rule Name West Virginia Conservation Agency Financial Assistance Program
Filed April 29, 2015
Effective May 12, 2015
Title/Series 158-21
Agency Ethics
Rule Name Public Use of Name or Likeness
Filed May 12, 2015
Title/Series 103-4
Agency Fire Marshal
Rule Name Regulation of Fireworks and Related Explosive Materials
Filed ERD by June 23, 2016
Title/Series 78-23
Agency Human Services
Rule Name W. Va. Works Program Sanctions
Filed Emergency Amendment
July 31, 2015
Effective September 4, 2015
Title/Series 69-9
Agency Health and Human Resources
Rule Name Neonatal Abstinence Centers
Filed June 25, 2015
Effective Emergency Amendment
December 15, 2015
Title/Series 69-10
Agency Health and Human Resources
Rule Name West Virginia Clearance for Access: Registry and Employment Screening
Filed Emergency Amendment
July 17, 2015
Effective July 29, 2015
Emergency Amendment October 23, 2015
ERD by December 4, 2015
Title/Series 11-11
Agency Medicine
Rule Name Establishment and Regulation of Limited Licensure to Practice Medicine and Surgery at Certain State Veterans Nursing Home Facilities
Filed June 12, 2015
Effective June 30, 2015
Title/Series 56-22
Agency Miners' Health, Safety and Training
Rule Name Certification, Recertification and Training of EMT-Miners and the Certification of EMT-M Instructors
Filed April 29, 2016
Effective ERD by June 10, 2016
Title/Series 7-1
Agency Professional Engineers
Rule Name Examinations, Licensure and Practice of Professional Engineers
Filed May 11, 2015
Effective June 2, 2015
Title/Series 153-52
Agency Secretary of State
Rule Name Freedom of Information Act Database
Filed July 1, 2015
Effective August 12, 2015
Title/Series 25-1
Agency Social Work
Rule Name Qualifications for the Profession of Social Work
Filed May 26, 2015
Effective June 9, 2015
Title/Series 96-4
Agency Workforce West Virginia
Rule Name West Virginia Prevailing Wage Act
Filed August 28, 2015
Effective September 29, 2015
Title/Series 47-2
Agency Water Resources
Rule Name Requirements Governing Water Quality Standards
Filed June 29, 2015
Effective August 10, 2015
Emergency Amendment
September 21, 2015
October 22, 2015