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 About the CSR Online

Terms of Use

The electronic copies of rules available through the CSR Online are for individual use only. This data may not be resold or provided for resale, nor may access be provided for payment in any format without a valid contract with the Secretary of State as provided by West Virginia Code ยง59-1-2.


The CSR Online is created from the electronic copies of final rules filed by the various rule-making bodies which are formatted and checked by division staff and returned to the agency for proofing. However, these electronic rules should be viewed as unofficial. The official copy of a rule for legal purposes is the paper copy filed with and stamped by the Secretary of State and the Legislative Rule Making Review Committee (if applicable). The Secretary of State and the State of West Virginia are not liable for any action taken in reliance on any information contained in the Code of State Rules or any other information on this site.

Currency of Rules

Sometimes a rule or amendments to an existing rule takes effect before it is possible to prepare, proofread and update the rule here. In order for you to be sure that the rules you are currently using has not been revised, please check both the West Virginia Register and the Emergency Rule list to see if newer versions are in effect.

  • Legislative rules are posted after they are final filed, prepared for the web and proofed by the agency. For your convenience, a .pdf copy of the rule is posted while the final filed is being formatted.
  • Interpretive and procedural rules filed during the year are posted online and published in the CSR only after the final version is filed, prepared and proofed.
  • Emergency rules are posted online for the duration of their effectiveness. An emergency rule must be replaced by a legislative rule within fifteen months, or it will automatically expire. See Emergency Rules for more detail.
  • Proposed rules are not yet part of the CSR, but are posted online during the public comment period. See Proposed & Emergency Rules for more detail.


Free access to the CSR Online is made possible by funding of the West Virginia Legislature. In the event that funding is withdrawn or reduced substantially, the Secretary of State has, by law, authority to charge subscription fees for access to the CSR. If the CSR Online is valuable to you, we urge you to thank your legislators for their support for this resource. You may locate the e-mail addresses of your Delegates and Senators at the website of the WV Legislature.