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 About the Code of State Rules

The thirteen loose-leaf volumes of the printed "West Virginia Code of State Rules" now fill a five-foot shelf and include over 1500 rules issued by over 150 different rule-making bodies. The same rules online are stored in individual files totaling over 50 MB in both Word Perfect and MS Word format. Known as the CSR, this compilation of all current rules in effect is a key information source for citizens, businesses, attorneys, other agencies and local governments.

A Year for the CSR

The CSR is a constantly changing publication, and subscribers to the publication receive monthly updates to assure the version on their shelves is as up-to-date as possible. Rules are added to address new legislative mandates or amended to address new issues. Rules change as government is reorganized, agency names changed or duties transferred by the Legislature. Boards and commissions are created, merged, renamed and terminated. The changes come in cycles. 

Spring Cleaning: Major changes come annually to the CSR as new and amended legislative rules adopted by the Legislature during the 60-day legislative session are filed in final form and effective dates are set. By the end of July, the CSR "firms up" and change will be slow until the following spring.

Ongoing Change: The only changes to the effective rules in the CSR for the remainder of the year are made through the promulgation of emergency rules, interpretive rules and procedural rules, which do not require approval of the Legislature.

CSR Online

The CSR Online is an unofficial electronic copy of the rules which are currently in effect. For more detailed information about the online rules, see About CSR Online.

Subscribing to the CSR

See Subscriptions for information about ordering the full printed version of the CSR and monthly update service.