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 Forward Thinking Initiative Means More Than Half of All West Virginia Business Reports Are Filed Online


    Charleston, W.Va. – The percentage of West Virginia businesses filing their annual reports online has been increasing every year since 2009, and this year more than half of all businesses will file their reports online.
    That’s never happened before, Secretary of State Natalie E. Tennant said today. And she said it’s happened because of a combination of forward thinking initiatives from state government and technology savvy business owners.
    Secretary Tennant said as of October 3 there have been 45,542 annual reports filed online, compared to just 32,000 filed manually.
    There are more than 7,700 business owners still to file their annual reports.
    The number of businesses filing their annual reports online increased nearly tenfold since 2008. That year, just 5,467 businesses filed their annual reports online.
    “This shows that when you provide West Virginians with a forward thinking and easily accessible way to do business, they will take advantage of it,” said Secretary Tennant, who herself was a small business owner before becoming Secretary of State. “Online filing allows a business owner to file this paperwork with our office when it is most convenient for them, possible on the weekend or later in the evening. The business owner can focus on their product and not paperwork and keeping the economy of our state healthy.”
    Secretary Tennant said online filing also helps streamline state government. Annual reports mailed to the Secretary of State’s Office must be entered into a database by hand, taking thousands of work hours per year. Online filing means less paperwork for the Secretary of State’s Office, meaning Business and Licensing Specialists are available to assist a business owner who might call the office with a question.
    Online filings can be made through the website www.business4wv.com.
    In 2008 online filings reached 5,467 with 43,921 filed manually. The next year, 14,399 were filed online and 40,390 filed manually. The number continued to increase in 2010 with 23,939 online filings and 39,454 filed manually. In 2011, 28,640 annual reports were filed online with 39,411 filed manually.


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