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2016 Election


Pre-Candidate Listing

Election Dates and Deadlines

Offices on the Ballot

Current Office Holders

Vote in Honor of a Veteran Program

Am I Registered to Vote?

Find My Polling Place


Become a Poll Worker

Know Your Voting Rights                                 

Voter FAQs

Campaign Finance FAQs

File an Election Compaint 

Track Your Ballot: Absentee and Provisional

Download Registration and Absentee Forms 


 Candidates and Committees


Candidate Forms

Executive Committee Forms

Filing Pre-Candidacy

Recognized Political Parties in WV


No Party Candidate Information

Write-In Candidate Information

Tips for Starting Your Campaign



 Campaign Finance


View Pre-candidate Listing

View Candidate Finance Reports

View Political Committee Finance Reports

Online Campaign Finance System

Campaign Finance Forms


  Laws and General Instructions

Federal Candidate Reports (fec.gov)

Historical Campaign Finance Reports

2016 Campaign Finance Report Deadlines

2016 Campaign Finance Guide (PDF)


 Voter Registration

Register to Vote
Update Your Information
Host a Voter Registration Drive (PDF)
  Voter Registration Deadlines
Contact Your County Clerk
Voter Registration Totals

 How to Vote


Election Day

Early Voting

Voting Absentee: By Mail, Permanent, Emergency

Military and Overseas Voting


Information for Voters with Disabilities

Learn about Your Voting System

View WV Political Districts



 Election Administrators

Election Forms and Materials

Election Guides

Poll Worker Videos and Manuals

Make Your Polling Place Accessible


Report Your Monthly VR Data Sales (PDF)

List of Authorized Ballot Printers (PDF)

Motor Voter Information

HAVA Information


 City, Town, and Village Elections

Municipal Candidate Forms
Municipal Election Guide (PDF)

2013 Seminar Presentations

2013 Seminar Videos


 History and Data


Request Voter Registration Lists (PDF)

Voter Registration Totals

Voter Hall of Fame: Member List and Application



Elections Results (2008-2014)

Election Results (1950-2006)

Voter Turnout


Civic Education

Jennings Randolph Award
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 Additional Resources

Election Contacts
WV Election Code (PDF)
List of Qualified Newspapers (PDF)
  Affidavit for Qualified Newpapers (PDF)
Ballot Printer Applications

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 Updated 8/18/2015