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 Voter Registration Totals

Utilize the interactive map below to find out more about voter registration numbers in West Virginia.  Voter registration numbers are broken down by party: Democrat, Republican, Mountain, Libertarian, No Party, and Other.  "No Party" refers to individuals who specifically do NOT affiliate themselves with any particular party and are sometimes commonly referred to as “Independents”.   "Other" encapsulates all other voters that do not belong to one of the five major groups listed above.
By clicking on a county, you can see a breakdown of that county’s individual voter registrations by party.

click here to open a page of PDF data for voter registration dating back to 1994.



 1,223,015 (WV) . 613,571 (D) . 352,048 (R) . 1,469 (M) . 1,564 (L) . 229,982 (N) . 24,381 (O)


  1,219,580 (WV) . 616,434 (D) . 351,027 (R) . 1,415 (M) . 1,489 (L) . 225,637 (N) . 23,578 (O)


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