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 WV Code Commissioner

West Virginia Code on Appointments
as Commissioner for West Virginia

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Chapter 29. Miscellaneous Board and Officers
§29-4-12. Commissioners out of state; qualifications; fee.

The governor, if he or she considers it proper, may appoint any persons residing within or without this state and within the United States, its territories or possessions as commissioners to acknowledge signatures performed in or out of state by persons residing in or out of the state of West Virginia covering deeds, leases and other writings pertaining to West Virginia property for recordation in the state of West Virginia. The commissioners shall hold office for ten years, unless sooner removed by the governor. Before performing any duties as a commissioner, the commissioner shall enter into a bond in the penalty sum of one thousand dollars with corporate surety to be approved by the secretary of state and filed in his or her office. A fee of one hundred dollars for each commission issued shall be paid to the secretary of state. All fees and moneys collected by the secretary of state pursuant to the provisions of this article shall be deposited by the secretary of state as follows: One-half shall be deposited in the state general revenue fund and one-half shall be deposited in the service fees and collections account established by section two, article one, chapter fifty-nine of this code for the operation of the office of the secretary of state. The secretary of state shall dedicate sufficient resources from that fund or other funds to provide the services required in this article.

§29-4-13. Power of commissioner appointed under §29-4-12 as to oaths, affidavits and depositions.

When any oath may lawfully be administered, or affidavit or deposition taken, within the state, territory or district for which any such commissioner is appointed, to be used in this state, it may be done by such commissioner.

§29-4-14. Power of such commissioner to take acknowledgments.

Such commissioners, under regulations prescribed by law, may take, within or any place out of the state of West Virginia, the acknowledgments of deeds and other writings to be admitted to record in the state of West Virginia, but each such acknowledgment shall reflect where the acknowledgment was taken, as, for example, the state and county, the territory, etc.

§29-4-15. Seal of such commissioner.

Every such commissioner shall provide an official seal on which shall be inscribed his or her name and residence and the words "Commissioner for West Virginia". An impression or stamped imprint of such seal, together with his or her signature, shall be forthwith transmitted to and filed in the office of the Secretary of State.

§29-4-16. Authentication of such commissioner's certificate.

Every certificate of such commissioner shall be authenticated by his signature and official seal.

Note: Code updated with legislation passed through the 2008 2nd Extraordinary Session